How to Apply

The enrollment period for Play Mountain Place usually runs October through March the school year before your child would plan on attending. Planning a visit the year before you would like to attend allows time for both parents (in a two-parent family) to read and learn about our program, book a space on a tour, visit, and then to move on to the application meeting. If you have missed our enrollment period, it’s still okay to give us a call. The majority of our students start school with each other in September; however, every so often we have space for a mid-year enrollment, so it doesn’t hurt to call!

The Hosted Visit

Our application process does involve a visit to the school while the program is in session. Visiting ensures that you will better understand the educational philosophy and practices of the school. We require that both parents (in a two-parent family) attend a hosted visit before proceeding with enrollment. We do not usually host any visits April through September.

Please call us as at (323) 870-4381 as soon as possible to book yourself on a tour if you are interested in Play Mountain Place. We start taking reservations for tours in mid-September, and continue to take reservations until the tours are full. Space is very limited on our tours, and reservations are required. When you call, we will also find out more about you and your child, and get your address to send you some written information in the mail. The tours are for adults only (and babies under one year old who are still being carried).

Application Interview

Those wanting to pursue admission after attending a hosted tour can schedule an application meeting with the school director. A non-refundable application fee of $100 is due at this meeting. The application meeting is a two-hour commitment.

Waiting Lists

After the Application Interview, you are on a Waiting List until our enrollment decisions are made in the late spring (usually in April), or until the groups are full. We don’t want to discourage you from visiting and learning more about our school, even if our application sessions are closed, so please call us at (323) 870-4381 if you would like to make a visit and we can tell you where we are at currently with our enrollment process.