The Play Mountain Place Board of Trustees

Ann T. Rosato, President

Jan Kirsch, Vice-President

Alonzo Cephus, Treasurer

Michelle Weiner-Woolner, Secretary

Judy Accardi, Member Ex-Officio, Director of Play Mountain Place

Patricia Pool Gross, Member

Ginger Emerson, Member

Trudi Forristal, Staff Representative

Shelley Wenk, Volunteer

Gwen Ross, Volunteer

Play Mountain Place Board of Trustees
From left: Gwen Ross, Shelley Wenk, Ginger Emerson, Patricia Pool Gross, Alonzo Cephus, Judy Accardi, Michelle Weiner-Woolner, Ann T. Rosato, Jan Kirsch and Trudi Forristal.

The Board of Trustees is the group of community members who are entrusted as the caretakers of Play Mountain Place. Each year, The Board is approved by consensus of the community at an Annual Community Meeting. Officers of the Board are selected from among the Trustees. Working closely with the Director, Trustees take an active part in the stewardship of Play Mountain Place. The Board is responsible for hiring the Director and for the leadership, fiscal solvency, fundraising efforts, long-range planning, and safeguarding of the philosophical integrity of Play Mountain Place. Any questions, concerns or compliments can be sent to Ann T. Rosato at ann at (@) play mountain .org