We Paid Off The Mortgage!

In 2008, we asked our community to support us in buying the school property in a campaign called “Preserve A Legacy.” Thanks to our community’s generosity at that time, then throughout the years that followed, we are very pleased to announce that we completed payment on Play Mountain Place’s mortgage in October of 2022. 

We’re grateful to our whole community for helping us to reach this important milestone. Your generosity over the past 15 years has helped secure our future — all while raising teacher salaries and benefits, attending to the care and improvement of our historic campus, offering more peaceful parenting opportunities to our families, and expanding our commitment to diversity through our scholarship programs.

I’m particularly excited about this landmark achievement because it keeps in place something to which I am personally committed: our mission and legacy of treating children with respect, allowing them to play freely, and trusting them to direct their own learning.

THANKS AGAIN for helping us to reach this important milestone!

Joe Ringlehan, Director

February 2023

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