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We Love Our Outstanding Teachers!

The administration and staff at Play Mountain Place are uniquely qualified to work within a child-centered curriculum incorporating humanistic values and within the non-authoritarian model for conflict resolution and problem solving.

“The great and good teachers of all times have exemplified humanistic education. They have respected their students, have treated them as individuals and persons, and have been interested in their feelings and attitudes. They have recognized that in learning, the whole person is involved.”

– C.H. Patterson
Humanistic Education

Every day in the program at Play Mountain Place, we witness our teachers tuning-in, respecting, seeing and celebrating life with their students.

As children learn and grow, teachers offer freedom in many areas of their student’s lives – the freedom to be themselves, to inquire, to explore, to trust themselves, to make mistakes and to have problems – all without judgement. As children discover what their problems are, teachers guide them to their own solutions. Within the space of this trust of their student’s ability, they begin to offer a curriculum that evolves out of the children’s interests, goes in many different directions and at each child’s own speed. They inspire and guide, but only when there is a truly shared passion. In working this way, they protect the love of learning and creativity for many children and establish long-lasting relationships.

Many alumni children tell us they remember their teachers more like a family member, someone who was deeply involved in their lives, and as someone whose close personal relationship continues to inform them through life.

In a recent Alumni Panel Parent Meeting, a former student said, “I really value the adult support that I got from Play Mountain Place. Whenever I come back, or see my teachers at an event, I still have people who miss me. It’s like hugging an aunt or uncle. They really help you through life.” Another student from the same panel added, “I feel very connected to the teachers, still. I live close to my elementary teacher, and every time I see her, she makes sure I’m OK. She is very caring. It’s a motherly feeling. It never goes away.”

The teachers at Play Mountain Place are truly full of heart. We simply love and cherish them!


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